KMIT Construction has built a solid reputation for professional construction services to support the requirements of building projects.  Talented team members offer a vast range of expertise and experience which are customized to meet both client and project-specific requirements, the services including; Design-Build and Constructions.


Design-Build is a comprehensive project delivery method that includes planning, design and constructions. This method adds up to significant cost and time savings for project owners. Acting as the single point of contact, we are responsible for delivering all aspects of the project’s design, engineering, and constructions.



General contracting has been the foundation of KMIT CONSTRUCTION. Serving more than 40 projects in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and nearby provinces, with renovations and additions of a new construction through various delivery systems,the company brings togetherthe resources, knowledge and experience for projects completion on schedule and within the budget while adhering to local regulations and high standard construction practices.


KMIT CONSTRUCTION provides professional consultancy throughout construction process including design review, scheduling, cost control,value engineering, constructability, bidding and project management. In addition to the above services, the company is committed to delivering the project within a guaranteed workmanship and quality of works.


Pre - Construction service consists of cost control, constructability reviews, value engineering, lifecycle cost analysis, scheduling, logistics, subcontractor selection, and material procurement throughout the duration of the project.


KMIT‘s Virtual design team is dedicated and committed to the proactive involvementand participation during the lifespan of the project. The goal is to identify the best possible execution strategy that would benefit the project from conception design to pre-construction, and construction phases.

VDC allows our clients to understand and visualize the look of their building overnight. It is incredibly useful tool for predicting and resolving potential issues by making smart decisions earlier in the design and construction phase.


KMIT CONSTRUCTION is committed to assisting our clients in the development and implementation of their environmental and sustainable construction goals. Sustainable projects accomplish the goal of green building through improving human health, helping owner environmentally  responsible, and using resources efficiently according to the LEED design system.